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Volleyball Nexan Smasher Pillow Soft, size 5

Very soft and light introductory volleyball
  • Good introductory ball for school and training
  • Only weighs 200 g
  • Velvet-soft top layer
  • Very distinctive colours
  • Good grip

Available within 5 business days

Beach volleyball Mikasa VLS300, size 5

The official FIVB Competition Ball for World Cup Beach volleyball

  • 100% waterproof synthetic leather
  • Complete new structure with 10 panels
  • Bright colours for better visibility
  • With a soft, anti-slip surface

Available within 5 business days


Value-for-money volleyballs for further education

10-piece set of Smasher M5 volleyballs from Schelde Sports

  • Value-for-money kit-price
  • Softer than a rubber ball and easier to use
  • Stable flight and retains shape
  • Bright colours and matte finish (less smooth)
  • Excellent price/quality

Available within 5 business days


Volleyball Mikasa V330W, size 5

Training and competition ball in premium quality

  • Aerodynamic 18 panel design, but with more affordable material
  • Durable and soft synthetic leather
  • Good grip
  • Meets FIVB requirements
  • Vivid colours for better visibility

Available within 5 business days