Schelde Sports North America

NEW Authentic Schelde Sports volleyball products

Schelde equipment is designed, engineered, built and installed to be a dependable, long-term investment.
Schelde’s new US volleyball innovations make it even easier and more fun to play because you won’t experience equipment failures, game delays, or frustrated players.

Schelde has been around for more than 100 years.
Our culture is one of authentic innovation that cranks out game-changing products like the first lightweight, yet indestructable, volleyball system invented by our engineers back in the 1980s.

Schelde innovation continues with new products designed exclusively for
North American programs.

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Superior Schelde Sports customer service

David Noe
616.334.3258 email

Madelyn Meneghetti
Vice President
616.822.8814 email

Authentic Schelde products and familiar, helpful people are now accessible through a new and improved direct distribution model.

Our people know volleyball, love volleyball, and bring decades of experience empowering many of the best US programs to create functionally beautiful facilities.
Our experience installing thousands of system is what qualifies us to help you.
Our empathy for coaches is what motivates us to deliver creative and energetic responses to every request.

You can trust our products, knowledge, and willingness to lace up our sneakers and help your program succeed.

Authentic Schelde Sports basketball products

Schelde innovations like SAM (Spring Assisted Mechanism) portable basketball goals are simple, durable and innovative, which may be why they’re the world’s #1 portable goal unit.

Just how much fun can basketball be? Schelde Sports is pushing new limits with the 3x3 SAM - the official backstop of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour and World Championships - and 3X3 Street driveway units.

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