Grand opening West Wing International School of Hamburg

21 September 2015

Half a decade ago, ISH undertook a project as significant as the West Wing. It is a result of the decision to grow as a school. This growth was needed because of the ever-increasing number of expatriates that arrive in the continuously growing and diversifying City of Hamburg.

Numerous equipment
Schelde Sports was selected to supply the fixed and freestanding equipment for the 27x16m gym hall with numerous equipment:

- a wooden floor and wooden side-impact panelling
- a 26x15m basketball court with 2 electrical wall mounted basketball backstops
- 5 basketball shooting stations
- a volleyball court
- 3 badminton courts
- electrically operated gymnastic rings
- ropes
- 2 electrically operated multi-functional climbing frames
- a scoreboard and
- a full range of portable physical education equipment.

Grand opening
The new gym hall will add to the already existing sports hall in the main building.
The grand opening of the West Wing took place on the 29th of August. 
We wish the students of ISH lots of exercising fun.

The pictures show how a 3D design can turn into a high quality sports hall.